Our People Define Us


Ethical - Patient - Dynamic

Founded with Purpose

Customers and Teammates,

     It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you and welcome you to Telegraph Inc. Our company exists for two purposes that drive us: to provide a tailored service to our customers and to grow. Why tailored customer service? Because the industry needs more than to be sold to. Why to simply grow? Growth allows for more teammates, which means a more positive impact on families and communities. I founded Telegraph Inc in 2017 to be a bold, different kind of company built to exhibit three core values: We are Ethical, Patient, and Dynamic!

-Ethical- At Telegraph, the right way is the only way we do business. Every aspect of our business will be executed ethically. That means we will treat everyone from intern to CEO with respect, that we will compete in our market fairly, and that we will always bring more value to the table than we take away.

-Patient- From intern to founder, we will make decisions for the five to ten-year future. When faced with the opportunity to increase profits for the current term or reinvest in customer, community, and employee equity we will always choose to support the long-term accomplishment of our driving purposes: outstanding customer service and growth.

-Dynamic- We will flex and pivot our business to best serve our customers’ true needs, never allowing trade romanticism to bog our innovation. We will not dwell on a current practice simply because it is profitable. If a customer need is changing, we will adapt to that changing need even if the customer isn't asking or paying for it yet. In our continuing mission to innovate, we will always cross barriers between the many disciplines of our industry, pioneering new ways of blending these disciplines to enhance America’s security and prosperity as a whole.

     To my customers and partners, I hope this has given you a window into the culture we are building at Telegraph. To my teammates, welcome! Let these principles guide you in all that you do, our future together is bright!


Cory A. Hogan

President, Telegraph Inc.